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MoreThan160 proudly presents…

…an Award institution, that aims to restore the Name of the real father of Telephony, Antonio Meucci, and at the same time to promote the real innovators of the telecommunications ecosystem, based exclusively on their achievements!

Our mission...

The Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards have the essential and honorable mission to restore the name of Antonio Meucci as the true father of Telephony and Telecommunications.

Antonio has not been acknowledged for his legacy and has been wronged throughout his life ; until now! His patent was copied, re-registered, and utilized by his ex-colleague, Alexander Graham Bell, five years after his initial registration. The rest is well known and Antonio Meucci died in 1889 without succeeding to get real recognition for his unique and groundbreaking invention.

And the Winner is… Antonio Meucci!

The validation of Antonio Meucci as the father of Telephony in 2002 by the US Congress wasn’t enough for updating public and widespread knowledge ; not even for the stakeholders of the industry he founded.

We comprehend the importance of this task, and we are the first, to create a complete and rewarding institution that we invite you to participate!

Restoring the Legacy...

We are honored and delighted that we have finally found a way to applaud him with the prestige, the credit, the title, and the distinction that Antonio deserves.

After 174 years, of his invention,
MoreThan160 contributes to Antonio Meucci’s
“name restoration” by informing the Industry,
and establishing in his memory
the most prestigious Telco Awards!

All companies, executives, and stakeholders who will contribute to this significant cause are evidently “winners” and their contribution is towards the correction of a historical error that holds a grand social impact and exposure.


Are you ready to correct history?