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Welcome to Legacy Restoration by MoreThan160

We proudly invite you on this unique journey –
the Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards.
Our purpose? To continue reclaiming the rightful place of the founder of Telecommunications, Antonio Meucci, the true pioneer of Telephony, and simultaneously, to spotlight the genuine innovators within the Industry, based only on their remarkable contributions.

Our Mission...

The Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards were conceived with a crucial and noble mission: to reinstate Antonio Meucci as the true father of Telephony and Telecommunications.

Antonio has not been acknowledged for his legacy. His groundbreaking invention was overshadowed when his patent was copied, re-registered, and exploited by his ex-colleague, Alexander Graham Bell, a mere five years after its initial registration. Antonio Meucci departed in 1889 without ever receiving any real recognition.

Since the inception of the Awards in 2023, Antonio has finally received the credit he so rightfully deserves. Our mission is a commitment to continually shed light on the truth surrounding his contributions and to confer Awards on his behalf to true pioneers following in his footsteps.

We’ve filled a void in the Industry by providing Awards marked with complete transparency. Winners receive Antonio Meucci Trophies solely based on their performance. Our commitment is a promise to continue doing so.

MoreThan160 contributes to
Antonio Meucci’s “Name Restoration” by honoring his legacy with the prestige he was denied for 175 years.

We inform the industry and establish the most sparkling Telco Awards in his memory!

And the Winner is… Antonio Meucci!

While the US Congress validated Antonio Meucci as the father of Telephony in 2002, this acknowledgment failed to permeate public awareness; not even influence the stakeholders of the industry he founded.

Recognizing the significance of this mission, we were the first to create an unbiased, transparent and rewarding Telco Institution that we invite you to join for the second year!

Restoring the Legacy...

In a momentous stride, MoreThan160 established the first-of-its-kind Award Institution, dedicated to recognizing Antonio Meucci’s contributions with the prestige, credit, title, and distinction he rightfully deserves.

All companies, executives, and stakeholders who will contribute to this significant cause are evidently “winners” and their contribution is towards the ongoing correction of a historical error carrying a substantial social impact and exposure.

Ready to be a part of rewriting history?