Welcome to a Different Live Streaming Experience!

If you won’t be in Madrid, don’t worry! Here you can register for the LIVE STREAMING of the Ceremony.

DON’T MISS A THING! So, if you are fed-up with boring LIVE STREAMINGS, with long-distance frames, noisy sounds, and unrecognizable figures, WE’VE GOT YOU!  

With three HD cameras (one for long, one for short and one for close frames) we aim to provide you a magnificent Ceremony experience so you won’t miss a thing!

Register in the form below, and we will keep you informed, so you can receive the link and watch the show from the comfort of your sofa! 

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The LIVE STREAMING will be broadcasted from the Official MoreThan160 YouTube Chanel. Please register so you can receive all the LINK to the LIVE STREAMING.